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  • Children of all ages love to "just play". Play is a vital part of every child's development. It fosters cognitive, physical, social and emotional growth and development. Introducing, Just Play Gyms. At Just
    Play, therapists provide services for the pediatric population ages newborn through adolescence. Just Play Gyms are located in the Upper West Side of Manhattan and Larchmont, NY.

  • Just Play's playful therapeutic environment provides a range of opportunities for sensory input, while promoting physical development, challenging motor planning skills, and developing cognitive and social skills.

  • Just Play therapists are licensed OT’s who focus on providing a highly individualized, multi-faceted and holistic treatment approach to ensure each child’s needs are met. 

Therapy Services

Just Play Occupational Therapists are expertly trained and hold advanced level certifications in the following areas:

Sensory Integration
Fine Motor Treatment
Gross Motor Treatment
Auditory Processing
Postural Stability
Behavior Management
Motor Planning
Visual Motor Perception
Oral Motor Facilitation Therapeutic Exercise
Neuro-Developmental Treatment (NDT)
Functional Vision Training
Play Facilitation
Bilateral Coordination
Eye-Hand Coordination
Handwriting Skills
Nutritional Consultation and Referrals

Developmental Screenings

Just Play provides services for children who may experience difficulties, such as:

  • Poor upper body strength and/or weak core muscles
  • Fine and gross motor delays
  • Having difficulty in school or poor grades
  • Difficulty relating to peers or making friends
  • Poor eye-hand coordination
  • Handwriting problems
  • Short attention span
  • Problems with expressing feelings and emotions and/or does not accept affection
  • Self-regulation problems
  • Clumsiness or poor coordination
  • Poor or limited eye contact
  • Tantrums, stubborn and uncooperative behavior
  • Lack of or exaggeration reactions to various sensations
  • Tires easily or hyperactive 
  • Poor posture, slouching or drooling
  • Disregard for safety
  • Lacks age appropriate skills (such as dressing, throwing/catching)
  • Difficulty with self-organization (i.e. room, school, bag, etc.) & time management.

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Just Play Gyms Locations

Just Play NYC
740 West End Avenue, Suite 3
(96th and West End Avenue)
New York, NY 10025 
Tel. 212-665-5119​

Just Play Larchmont
1993 Palmer Avenue
Larchmont, NY 10538 
Tel. 914-315-6585


Monday - Friday: 9am - 7pm

Weekend hours available based on availability. By Appointment only.

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